Duchonka is a well-known tourist and vacation area lying 17 km from the town of Topoľčany, at the foot of the Považský Inovec Mts.

The development of the resort Duchonka started in 1961 with a man-made lake at the river of Železnica. The lake was filled on 14th May 1966 and a large gathering of tourists took place by the lake 2 months later with more than 8 000 tourists present. The lake was named “Duchonka”.

Nowadays, there are 386 private huts built in the resort and 62 company-owned bungalows available for visitors.

Relaxation and recreation options available at Duchonka:

  • at Jonaq: sauna with swimming pool, fitness center, billiard, dancing and
    many more

  • also at Jonaq: bar, tennis court, sheltered terrace with a beautiful sight
    at Duchonka, table tennis, fireplace

  • swimming in the lake Duchonka, many water sports available

  • visiting the ruins of Topolčany castle with beautiful sight at surroundings

  • discotheque available every evening

  • walking or jogging in the surrounding woods, fishing on Duchonka and the
    nearby lake Nemečky

  • skiing and other sports available in winter time